📚 ABOUT? Learn Practical Speech Language and Occupational Therapy Skills to ENGAGE with Your Autistic Child Today

📅 WHEN? June 24th to 27th, each day from 7 to 9 pm CEST (1 to 3 pm EDT)

👩‍🏫 BY WHO? Kara Tavolacci (Occupational Therapist) & Grace Lindley (Speech Language Therapist) 

👨‍👧 FOR WHO? Parents and caregivers of autistic children who are looking for ideas of activities to do at home

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Join Kara and Grace, for a 4-part masterclass to help you easily engage with your autistic child.

The masterclass covers regulation, communication, play, and tools used in the clinic. Learn tips, tricks, and practical strategies from Speech & Occupational therapists that you can use at home immediately!
Kara & Grace

Kara Tavolacci & Grace Lindley

Grace and Kara have had the pleasure of sharing a clinic for the past 7 years, where they have had the opportunity to learn from each other professionally and become well-rounded therapists who have a holistic approach to supporting both the individual child and the whole family. Kara and Grace are firm believers that their professions are complementary to each other, and that a collaborative approach makes for a happy, engaged child and a well-supported family.
As our in-house therapists, they are fully taking advantage of the Sound For Life tools.

Kara Tavolacci (OT)

Kara is an American Occupational Therapist.  She discovered  the Tomatis auditory program in 2001 working for a center in New York City.  This experience led her to open her own practice in Greenwich, Connecticut and since 2017 she has relocated to Paris where she has been working for Sensory Center implementing Tomatis, Soundsory, and forbrain with her families.  Kara  brings to us her expertise and passion for autistic children as well as children with Sensory Integration and learning difficulties.  She is trained in various techniques that have helped shape and develop her unique skill set, from D.I.R Floortime, to Sensory Integration to Auditory interventions.  She has recently become certified in the ADOS-2 assessment for Autism. She speaks English and is getting better in French everyday.

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Grace masterclass bio photo

Grace Lindley (SLP)

Grace is a Speech Language Therapist originally from New Zealand who has spent the last 11 years based in France where she has a private practice. She has experience supporting children with a wide range of speech and language delays and disorders, and she has a special interest in Autism, early intervention and neurodiverse affirming practices. Grace has provided support to families with autistic children across a range of settings: at home, at school, in clinic and online. She is trained in Hanen It Takes Two To Talk, the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol and is currently completing Natural Language Acquisition training. Grace speaks English, French and some Spanish.

Discover the 4-day program

DAY 1 - 120 minutes

👉 Welcome and introduction.
👉 Getting to know your child differently.
👉 Laying the foundation for the 4-day Masterclass by talking about neurodiversity, speech & language development, and what our senses are.
👉 Q&A Session (30 minutes)

DAY 2 - 120 minutes

👉 Building on what has been discussed on day 1.
👉 Understanding better what regulation is.
👉 What do we do to stay regulated and what our children may do?
👉 How to determine if your child is dysregulated or simply having a tantrum.
👉 Q&A Session (30 minutes)

DAY 3 - 120 minutes

👉 Focusing on play and communication.
👉 How can we use our knowledge of neurodiversity, senses, and regulation to create a fun and engaging play experience for our children?
👉 Exploring strategies for incorporating sensory tools and regulation techniques into playtime.
👉 Discovering how play can be a powerful tool for communication and interaction.
👉 Q&A Session (30 minutes)

DAY 4 - 120 minutes

👉 Putting it all together!
👉 Sharing favorite “go to” tools that can be easily used for various situations and environments - that are inexpensive and can be used by everyone.
👉 Conclusions.
👉 Q&A Session (30 minutes)


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